An introductory piece

What is the meaning of life…is where I started. This first blog is a random piece of writing to what I exactly felt like expressing. This is where I make it apparent my fluid nature and my way of communicating.

I love this word ‘nothingness’. It has a meaning yet it doesn’t.

Do you feel the same? Or have ever…

‘Seeking’ as I am tring to fill the void. I use such terms as I need words to put this experience into the limited frame of a language for comprehension. This is not about philosophy, as its far away from thoughts or what goes in the mind rather I focus on experience. I embark on this journey setting clear goals. My goal is, seeking the unseekable. Trying to fit words into what cannot be expressed in words. An experience which cannot be expressed whatsoever. A beautiful contradiction, and I dont worry about the contradiction as it only seems to be a contradtion because the mind can only see in two ways: eitther yes or no. Its nature is to dissect but what I am seeking transends what the mind expriences.

I am a Kanye West fan, why? I wholly relate and understand his perceived crazy behavior, he’s a realized being. Hence, some call him a genius. Anyway, this isn’t about Kanye, it’s about the one who’s reading this. I spill what I experience and try to put whatever comes to my experience, it’s about the freedom: liberation from the mind.

I hope to create a community of like-minded individuals who have much more to share. Potentially, something meaningful which I struggle to find because there is hardly anything which truly excites me from within. Life’s been an act than reality. I’m wondering, within the wide cosmos of infinity, do people like me exist? Am I in the oblivion? People, who somehow relate to me? I have no questions to life yet I am on this journey.
The entire discourse is a contradiction of which, I’m highly aware.
I want to help people, going through hardships in life. Struggling with themselves, trying to know what, where and why of what the worldly definitions can’t give a compelling answer to.
There’s more to life than ‘this’ or ‘that’ but for me, life in itself is enough and this entire thing is about ‘life’ itself. Life is life, I am life, you are ‘life’. Why not be just life?
Sounds interesting or confusing? Follow me as I uncover the mysteries with more in my successive blogs…

Oh and here’s a quote by OSHO, someone I will write more on, I’ve been studying him lately.